Community Relations

Indus Hospitality Group is happy to support the communities in which its hotels and restaurants reside. Staff members actively serve on boards of directors and also volunteer with numerous local charitable and community organizations.

Among the non-profit organizations Indus proudly supports are the United Way of Greater Rochester, The Boys & Girls Club, The American Red Cross, and the University of Rochester Medical Center. In addition, hundreds of area organizations receive support throughout the year via charitable donations.

How to request a donation for
an event or fundraiser:

To best respond to your request for a donation or an event sponsorship from Indus Hospitality Group, we share some guidelines:

  • Please submit all requests in writing on the organization’s letterhead to our marketing department. The mailing address is:

Indus Companies
Attn: Marketing Department
950 Panorama Trail S.
Rochester, NY 14625

  • We strive to honor all requests for donations of vouchers and certificates for fundraisers and company events. If you are in need of a specific amount or denomination, please indicate the same in your letter and we will do our best to meet the request.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot honor requests involving cash donations due to the numerous inquiries we receive. This includes payment for ads in program books/calendars and funding trips or activities.
  • Additionally, we are unable to allow organizations to solicit items on our property or display such materials. This also applies to requiring our staff to sell something on an organization’s behalf.
  • Depending on quantities, we may be able to provide your event with paper or food products. These requests must also be sent in writing and include information regarding how many people will be in attendance at your event.
  • If you have a great event opportunity, but aren’t sure how we can help, send us a letter outlining all the details and we’ll be happy to get back to you.